Fair Funding for Our Future

Here are two ways you can support investing now in our public schools:

We can reinvest in education and enact school finance reform while holding the line on property taxes.

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What would the plan mean for my district?

Fair Funding for Our Future is a realistic and ready first step, providing solutions that are good education policy and have received bipartisan support.

News Releases:

"Evers introduces 2015-17 state education budget," Nov. 10, 2014


The Fair Funding for Our Future plan:

  • Fixes Wisconsin's school funding formula to be fair, sustainable, and transparent
  • Creates a path back to state two-thirds funding
  • Holds the line on property taxes
  • Guarantees state funding for every student
  • Strengthens rural schools
  • Accounts for family income and poverty
  • Directs all state aid right to schools
  • Provides additional revenue limit authority to all school districts

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For more information, contact fair.funding@dpi.wi.gov or 608-266-8687.


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