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Individual Student Enrollment System (ISES)

All ISES applications will be permanently shutdown on December 15th, 2016.

  Schools wishing to review data submitted to the various ISES data collections can review most of the collected within the secure WISEdash for Districts portal.  Data submitted to the ISES collections is not collected by the WISEData system. 

ISES Third Friday of September, Year End, Child Count, and Discipline Web Application

The Individual Student Enrollment System (ISES) includes student demographic and outcome data needed to meet the ESEA report card requirements at the state, district, and school levels. The ISES requires that schools and/or districts submit data on students enrolled during the previous school year, students enrolled on the Third Friday of September of the current year, students with disabilities enrolled on October First of the current year, and students removed under disciplinary action.

Districts and schools have two options for providing ISES data: file upload or on-line data entry. A minimum amount of data is required for successful file upload. Much of the additional data marked as optional for file upload will be required prior to locking data. These additional data can be submitted by file upload, on-line data entry, or some combination of the two. Certain data when left blank will be generated by ISES based on other ISES or WSLS data.

Authorized ISES users login here:

Go to the ISES 3rd Fri Sept, Year End, and Child Count (YE, CD, CDN, CC, CCN) Web Application

Go to the ISES Discipline (D) Web Application

For Current ISES Users:

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ISES Discipline and Year End collections are open for the collection of 2015-16 school year data.  Please plan to have all data submitted by September 1, 2016.

We recommend that you bookmark the application information pages, and for updates.


ISES AVAILABILITY AND SUPPORT: Phone and email support of ISES will be available between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm Monday-Friday. You can continue to use the ISES at other times of day including weekends (24x7), but if you have difficulty or if there is a system outage, then you might want to try again between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm. M-F. Occasionally, there may be short outages (less than 15 minutes) over the noon hour to address emergency situations. We will try to keep noon hour outages to a minimum.

WAIT TIME FOR PROCESSING: Note that ISES File Upload/Create/Validate are batch processes. While ISES processes may be running efficiently, process completion may occasionally be delayed during peak periods due to long queues. Upload and validation processes can be cancelled while in the queue, but once processing begins they cannot be cancelled. Districts can help reduce the queue by clicking on the 'Validate' icon ONLY after making a significant number of modifications or additions to ISES data on-line. It is unnecessary to click on 'Validate' immediately after the Upload/Create process because full validation will occur automatically.

EMAILING FILES: For security and privacy reasons, please do not email XML or CSV files to our helpdesk. However, if you want someone to check your file, then please provide the filename.

PHONE SUPPORT: We make every effort to return all helpdesk phone calls within 24 hours. During peak periods demand for support will exceed our supply of staff with the background and training to provide that support. Districts can help us provide more efficient phone support by reviewing ISES documentation (e.g. checklists, tutorials, or user manual) prior to calling.

For New ISES Users

You must be individually authorized to use the ISES. Having a Wisconsin User ID is necessary but does not in itself provide access to the ISES Web application. For security and privacy reasons, access must be specifically authorized by your District Administrator (Superintendent) on behalf of your school board or by the Superintendent's appointed WSLS/ISES Administrator.

For further information about gaining access, see the Delegated Authority Web Application.

IMPORTANT: ISES records must have matching records in the Wisconsin Student Number Locator System (WSLS). Failure to keep WSLS complete and current will cause ISES file upload failure. It will not be possible to submit ISES data online without matching WSLS records.

Using the Individual Student Enrollment System (ISES)



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Submit questions, comments and suggestions about the WSLS or ISES to the 24x7 DPI Online Helpdesk Application or call 800-507-5744.