Browser Support for DPI Website

The DPI website requires browsers that support HTML5. HTML5 is the current industry standard and it affords us new features beyond HTML5 itself. It is the basis for new opportunities with interactive graphics and better layout options with CSS3 to name a few new features.

Supported Browsers

Popular HTML5 compliant browsers include:

Why legacy browsers such as IE8 and lower are not supported?

As DPI looks forward in our technology usage and development, it is hard to justify resources for IE8 support because IE8 and lower are not HTML5 compliant. Support for non-HTML5 compliant browsers hinders implementation of current, newer features, functionality, and development. Also IE8 is facing drop off support with Windows XP end-of-life cutoff in April 2014.

Compatibility View Mode

If you use Internet Explorer (HTML5 compliant or not) and the visual layout seems off or “broken” the first thing you need to do is turn off Compatibility Mode.

For IE7 and above, you can view IE rendering options by hitting F12 on your keyboard. Once you can see image below, make sure the following settings are set:

  • Make sure that compatibility view is not selected.
  • Your Browser Mode should be set to a current version of IE
  • Your Document Mode should be set to a current version of IE.

F12 with Internet Explorer active will display the following:

 Developer Tools screenshot to disable compatibility mode