ISES - Vendor Certification

DATE: January 20, 2005 (Email)
TO: All WSLS/ISES Administrators
Assistant WSLS/ISES Administrators
DPI SIS Vendor List
FROM: Jean Whitcomb, Education Data Consultant
SUBJECT: ISES - Vendor Certification

Student information system vendors and districts with self-maintained student information systems can seek certification for ISES file transactions. One vendor has been certified so far, and two others are in the process of becoming certified. The time period dedicated for ISES certification process is scheduled through Feb 20, 2005. For more information, go to

Five reasons to seek certification for ISES transactions:

  1. More one-on-one support. DPI and DPI's ISES contractor have allotted time outside of ISES transaction processing periods to work one-on-one with the SIS vendors and districts to help resolve problems and issues. February through April 2005 will be the first ISES transaction processing period. In future years this period is expected to be late September through November. During ISES transaction processing periods, files will be processed in a batch mode and DPI and DPI's ISES contractor will be supporting all of the districts and schools at one time. Individual help response time will be limited during busy ISES transaction periods.
  2. Less work for districts. The certification process allows SIS vendors and districts to test their code that will generate files for uploading to the ISES. Successful pilot file upload transactions will have an impact on client districts and schools because they will need to spend less time troubleshooting problems during the peak ISES transaction periods. It will also reduce the number of calls to the ISES helpdesk.
  3. Less work for vendors. During busy ISES periods, districts and schools will be directed back to the SIS vendors for support on any issues that are not content edit errors and so it is in the best interest of the vendors to resolve all format and coding issues during off-peak periods.
  4. Positive publicity. Vendors that successfully complete pilot certification will receive positive publicity because districts will know that their software meets the DPI guidelines for participation in the ISES. Current or potential clients will be notified that vendors are certified via the DPI website where the Certification matrix is posted and updated frequently.
  5. Future business opportunities. Districts and schools may be looking for a SIS package that is compatible with the ISES.

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