ISES/WSLS Update: 10/30/04 Memo to Local WSLS/ISES Administrators

DATE: October 30, 2004 (Email)
TO: WSLS/ISES Administrators
FROM: Jean Whitcomb, Education Data Consultant


The Match Review Web Tutorial is available online. This tutorial is the second in a series of on-demand Web tutorials that provide basic information and instruction in each of WSLS functions. The Exit Confirmation Web Tutorial is also available. Each tutorial is designed to be several minutes in length, and special software should not be needed to play them. More WSLS support options are available.

The Match Review and Exit Confirmation functions are two of the most critical WSLS functions because, unless districts review possible matches prior to requesting new WSNs and unless districts confirm exits of students without exit dates, students may end up with multiple WSNs defeating a main purpose of WSLS. Over 1,000 students appear to have more than one WSN already. DPI will be working to eliminate duplicates, but this will be a labor intensive process and is not likely to be 100% successful. We are requesting district cooperation in keeping up with Match Review and Exit Confirmation activities. We are also requesting that districts use the "no-release indicator" if and only if appropriate because use of the indicator makes Match Review more difficult.


Edits are being made to the Locate/Assign Interface Specifications to reflect that fact that certain records previously causing file failure will result in record errors. Affected are school enrollment records that were recently added on-line and later included along with new school enrollment records in uploaded locate/assign files. Records with these errors will not update the WSLS data base, but files containing these duplicate records may still be successfully processed. One goal of this change was to facilitate local WSLS maintenance in districts using a combination of file upload and on-line data entry to keep WSLS current.


Tools for validating and parsing ISES XML and CSV files can be downloaded. Click on "Examples and File Validation." The ISES Web application is expected to be available for CSV and XML file uploads, baseline file downloads, and on-line data entry by late December.


As mentioned before, WSLS automated features work best when data are submitted in a timely and roughly sequential manner. Delayed data submission is likely to be more labor intensive and require on-line processing by your district.

Example 1: Exit/update transactions to add exit dates after students leave a school should generally be processed prior to submitting new school enrollment transactions. This will save you time in processing Exit Confirmation Requests because if WSLS school enrollment records have exit dates then on-line exit confirmation is not required.

Example 2: Locate/assign transactions that add current school enrollment records should be processed prior to student moves to subsequent schools. Due to the complexity of interrelated business rules, inserting school enrollment records out of sequential order (between existing WSLS records) will require on-line review of affected records. Of particular concern are a few dozen schools with large 2003-04 enrollments and no 2003-04 enrollment records in WSLS. Note that all ISES school enrollment records must have matching WSLS records.


Fall Enrollment Estimates. Because September 2004 ISES enrollment data will not be available until spring 2005, we will be generating September 2004 enrollment estimates in November based on WSLS data received as of November. These estimates will be used for a variety of purposes until final enrollment counts are available through ISES in spring. DPI needs your WSLS data to provide these estimates for your schools.

ISES Delegated Authority. Beginning late November, WSLS/ISES Administrators will begin using the Delegated Authority Web Application to grant access to ISES. Access will be by school or district and by ISES function. The process used to grant authority will be similar to that used for WSLS. Information will be posted as it becomes available. The ISES Web Application will available in late December.

More WSLS Web Tutorials. Match Review and Exit Confirmation tutorials are completed. Work is in progress on the File Upload, Results, and File Download Request Web tutorials. We hope to have all or nearly all of the tutorials available within the next few weeks.


Phone: 800-507-5744

Since the dpistats mailbox is used for multiple data collections, please include your district name and WSLS or ISES in the subject line of email messages.

Let us know if you have questions or concerns. Thanks for your continued efforts, patience, and support.

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