Data Management and Reporting Team

The Data Management and Reporting team manages the data of Department of Public Instruction and maintains a Professional Library. Our mission is to provide accurate information about children, schools, school districts, public libraries and education.

Location and Hours of Service

The Data Management and Reporting team is located on the third floor of the:
GEF 3 Building
125 South Webster Street
P.O. Box 7841
Madison, WI 53707-7841
Fax 608-266-2529
Education Statistics Helpline 608-267-3166
Library Services 608-267-1289
WSLS/ISES helpdesk 800-507-5744

Hours of operation: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Data Reporting

The Data Management and Reporting Team gathers data from public school districts and schools, private schools, etc. For a list of reports and due dates see the race and ethnicity. Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction is in the process of developing a plan to implement the changes required by the federal guidance.


Our label service is no longer available. Label files in Excel format are now available on this website for commonly requested school contacts: public school districts, public and private schools, CESAs, and special education directors. Also available are school addresses (as of September 2003) for selected public school staff, i.e. teachers, guidance counselors, school psychologists, etc. For more details see DPI Professional Library is the Department of Public Instruction's center for information and referral on education and library science topics.

School Performance Report

By Wisconsin statute, schools must publish school and district "report cards." Those local reports are summarized in the state School Performance Report. Data is collected on attendance, suspensions, expulsions, retentions, dropouts, graduates, truants, postgraduate follow-up, extra/co-curricular participation, and community activities.

Statistical Data

Most data requests can be answered using the standard reports on our Errata pages for corrected data that was submitted by school districts after the final publication of the data report.

Forms and Records Management

  • Form Collection Plan - The Form Collection Plan has been developed to provide a convenient reference of forms to be collected from school districts during the year by the Department of Public Instruction (DPI). The Plan lists recurring forms that have been authorized for collection to meet the needs of programs administered by the department. One-time DPI surveys or questionnaires that arise due to special program needs or legislative mandate generally cannot be anticipated. Such nonrecurring DPI forms are not included in the scope of the Plan.
  • Records Management - Guidance for school districts and public libraries on the management of public records as well as information on public records maintained by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.