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General Education Information - DPI-ConnectEd, e-newsletter from the State Superintendent, featuring issues, opportunities, and success stories - Discussion group for PK-12 educators in Wisconsin


Career and Technical Education Discussion group for Wisconsin business and information technology teachers Discussion group for those interested in Career and Technical Education initiatives Discussion group for health science teachers and HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) advisors Discussion group for family and consumer educators and FCCLA (Family Career and Community Leaders of America) Discussion group for secondary and post secondary level marketing educators - Discussion group for Agriculture Educators


Content Areas (Besides Those Listed Elsewhere) Discussion group for educators interested in service-learning in the academic setting Informational discussion forum for English teachers Discussion list for social studies teachers and administrators in Wisconsin Wisconsin American Indian studies discussion list News for Wisconsin Arts Educators


Data and Financial Management E-mail list from the DPI School Financial Services team Tips, reminders, and specialty information regarding IDEA Fiscal Management Updates of interest to school district auditors


Diversity and Equity Discussion group for educators and others interested in service to English Language Learners - Updates related to the Promoting Excellence for All website to close achievement gaps in Wisconsin schools (


Early Childhood Wisconsin Forces for Four Year Olds discussion group Wisconsin Early Childhood Collaborating Partners discussion group Wisconsin Early Childhood Collaborating Partners - Western Region discussion group


Health, Wellness, Student Services Information for designated lead health teachers Information about physical education Discussion group about current issues in school psychology Information for school and public health nurses Information for school counselors

International Education/World Languages Information for Arabic language educators Information for American Sign Language educators Information for Chinese language educators Information for elementary world language educators Information for French language educators Information for German language educators Information for heritage language educators and stakeholders Information for Italian language educators Information for Japanese language educators Information for world language educators Information for Latin educators Information for Spanish language educators


Libraries An unmoderated discussion list of topics related to the WISCAT ILL project Discussion list for Wisconsin E-rate topics A discussion list for Wisconsin public libraries


Other Information about ACT High School Assessments in Wisconsin Information related to academic and career planning Information related to community learning centers and afterschool programs Discussion list for Middle School educators Information for Speech and Language Pathologists

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