Student/School Learning Objectives (SLOs)

SLOs are rigorous, attainable SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Results-based, Time-bound) goals for student learning growth. The term SLO has dual meaning within the Educator Effectiveness System.

  • Principals create School Learning Objectives.
  • Teachers create Student Learning Objectives.

Teachers, principals, and assistant/associate principals each write a minimum of 1 SLO every year in the Effectiveness Cycle.

Yearly SLO Process

1)  Establish an appropriate SLO goal and plan to reach that goal

2)  Gather evidence of instructional or leadership practices that lead to improved student outcomes

3)  Conduct a mid-year or mid-interval review of progress.

4)  Evaluate the final results and score the SLO. More information about these steps can be found in the SLO Toolkit.

Outcome Measures included in SLO process for 2015-16

The System will utilize the same data and measures (graduation data, school-wide reading, and principal and teacher value-added when available) as previously. This data will be incorporated in the SLO process for teachers and principals to better align to best practice and support continuous improvement. As stand-alone scores, these measures inform educators of whether they did well (or not) on a given measure, but provide no information regarding why they performed the way they did or how to improve. The incorporation of these measures can inform goal-setting and provides specific feedback regarding the educator's implementation progress and its impact on student progress.

Student outcomes make up one of two overall summary scores of the evaluation of teachers under the Wisconsin Educator Effectiveness System. In this shift, educators receiving summary scores for the 2015-16 school year will receive an Outcome Summary Score based only their SLO process.

2014-15 SLOs and Outcomes Summary Score

An educator's Student Outcomes Summary is comprised of up to 3 different scores:


(95%) Student Learning Objective (SLO) score

(5%) Graduation Rate scores

Principals & Asst./Assoc. Principals

(95%) School Learning Objective (SLO) score

(5%) Graduation Rate scores