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Welcome to the Special Education Team's homepage. The Special Education Team is a part of the Division for Learning Support, which also includes Student Services, Prevention & Wellness; Wisconsin Educational Services Program for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing; and Wisconsin Center for the Blind & Visually Impaired.

Special Education Team Mission Statement

The State Performance Plan (SPP) represents the Department of Public Instruction's (DPI) plan for improving outcomes of children with disabilities in Wisconsin. DPI will focus its work on activities related to the indicators in the SPP to improve outcomes for children with disabilities.

Indicator #1
Graduation Rates
Indicator #2
Drop-Out Rates
Indicator #3
Indicator #4
Indicator #5
Educational Placements
Ages 6-21
Indicator #6
Educational Placements
Ages 3-5
Indicator #7
Preschool Outcomes
Indicator #8
Parent Involvement
Indicator #9
Identification in Special Education
Indicator #10
Identification in Specific Disability Categories
Indicator #11
Timely Evaluation
Indicator #12
Preschool Transition,
Part C to Part B
Indicator #13
Transition Goals,
Age 16+
Indicator #14
Post School Outcomes
Indicator #15
Resolution Sessions
Indicator #16
Indicator #17
State Systemic Improvement Plan


Integrated Monitoring System Quick Link



The Special Education Team's Integrated Monitoring System

Annual Performance Report (APR) Overview and Previous Years' Reports

FFY 2013 APR Summary - APR Print Version

2006 -2013 State Performance Plan Overview


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