English Language Arts - Standard C: Oral Language Performance Standards - Grade 4

By the end of grade four, students will:

C.4.1 Orally communicate information, opinions, and ideas effectively to different audiences for a variety of purposes.

  • Identify and discuss criteria for effective oral presentations, including such factors as eye contact, projection, tone, volume, rate, and articulation
  • Read aloud effectively from previously-read material
  • Speaking from notes or a brief outline, communicate precise information and accurate instructions in clearly organized and sequenced detail
  • Present autobiographical or fictional stories that recount events effectively to large and small audiences
  • Participate in group readings, such as choral, echo, and shadow reading
  • Perform dramatic readings and presentations
  • Distinguish between fact and opinion and provide evidence to support opinions

C.4.2 Listen to and comprehend oral communications.

  • Follow basic directions
  • Identify and summarize key points of a story or discussion
  • Retell stories and reports of events in proper sequence
  • Follow sequence in plot and character development, predict outcomes, and draw conclusions
  • Recall the content of stories after hearing them, relate the content to prior knowledge, and answer various types of factual and interpretive questions about the stories
  • Distinguish fact from fantasy and fact from opinion
  • Understand increasingly complex sentence structures
  • Understand a variety of word structures and forms, such as affixes, roots, homonyms, antonyms, synonyms, and word analogies

C.4.3 Participate effectively in discussion.

  • Volunteer relevant information, ask relevant questions, and answer questions directly
  • Use appropriate eye contact and other nonverbal cues
  • Use appropriate strategies to keep a discussion going
  • Reflect on the ideas and opinions of others and respond thoughtfully
  • Ask for clarification and explanation of unfamiliar words and ideas
  • Summarize information conveyed through discussion

Content Standard C

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