English Language Arts, Standard D: Language Performance Standards - Grade 12

By the end of grade twelve, students will:

D.12.1 Develop their vocabulary and ability to use words, phrases, idioms, and various grammatical structures as a means of improving communication.

  • Examine the origin, history, denotation, connotation, and usage of English words and phrases by consulting dictionaries, thesauruses, handbooks, and other sources of information about the language
  • Evaluate the effects of different types of language, such as literary and technical, formal and informal, in communications designed to narrate, inform, explain, persuade, and entertain
  • Use language appropriate to the background, knowledge, and age of an audience
  • Recognize and exercise options in modes of expression and choice of words when speaking and writing, especially when revising written work

D.12.2 Recognize and interpret various uses and adaptations of language in social, cultural, regional, and professional situations, and learn to be flexible and responsive in their use of English.

  • Evaluate the use of standard American English in public contexts, such as school and work
  • Evaluate the choice of words, expressions, and style considering the purpose and context of a communication
  • Analyze and explain how immediate context and broader social, cultural, regional, and professional variables influence the use of language, citing characteristics such as level of formality, slang, jargon, and emotional impact
  • Draw inferences about values, attitudes, and points of view by analyzing a writer's or speaker's use of English
  • Compare form, meaning, and value of different symbol systems--such as alphabets, signs, symbols--and of expressions commonly used in another language

Content Standard D

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