English Language Arts Performance Standards D Grade 4

By the end of grade four, students will:

D.4.1 Develop their vocabulary of words, phrases, and idioms as a means of improving communication.

  • Consult dictionaries, thesauruses, and other resources to find and compare definitions, choose among synonyms, and spell words correctly
  • Use their knowledge of roots, prefixes, and suffixes to interpret and convey the meaning of words
  • Identify common figures of speech and use them appropriately

D.4.2 Recognize and interpret various uses and adaptations of language in social, cultural, regional, and professional situations, and learn to be flexible and responsive in their use of English.

  • Identify various styles and purposes of oral and written language and learn to communicate effectively in commonly occurring situations
  • Describe and give examples of variations in American English that appear in different social, cultural, regional, and professional environments

Content Standard D

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