English Language Arts - Standard E: Media & Technology Performance Standards - Grade 12

By the end of grade twelve, students will:

E.12.1 Use computers to acquire, organize, analyze, and communicate information.

  • Design, format, and produce attractive word-processed documents for various purposes
  • Incorporate information from databases and spreadsheets into reports
  • Integrate graphics appropriately into reports, newsletters, and other documents
  • Retrieve and reproduce documents across various platforms
  • Use on-line sources to exchange information

E.12.2 Make informed judgments about media and products.

  • Develop and apply evaluative criteria of accuracy and point of view to broadcast news programs
  • Recognize and explain the impact of various media on daily life
  • Analyze the content and effect of subtle persuasive techniques used on-line and in broadcast and print media
  • Develop and apply criteria for evaluating broadcast programming

E.12.3 Create media products appropriate to audience and purpose.

  • Create multimedia presentations in connection with major projects, such as research reports or exhibitions
  • Develop various media products to inform or entertain others in school or the community such as slide shows, videos, newspapers, sound recordings, literary publications, and brochures

E.12.4 Demonstrate a working knowledge of media production and distribution.

  • Analyze the effect of media production techniques, such as music, camera angles, fade-outs, and lighting, on different audiences
  • Evaluate the impact of various market factors on the effectiveness of media production and distribution
  • Identify the impact of image and context on particular audiences receiving the same message
  • Develop and apply criteria for evaluating advertising campaigns for a variety of products, past and present

E.12.5 Analyze and edit media work as appropriate to audience and purpose.

  • Develop and present criteria for evaluating a variety of media products
  • Evaluate audience feedback on the clarity, form, effectiveness, technical achievement and aesthetic appeal of media work

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