English Language Arts Performance Standards E Media & Technology Grade 4

By the end of grade four, students will:

E.4.1 Use computers to acquire, organize, analyze, and communicate information.

  • Operate common computer hardware and software
  • Use basic word-processing, graphics, and drawing programs
  • Create, store, and retrieve electronic files
  • Access information using electronic reference resources, such as library catalog, encyclopedias, almanacs, and indexes
  • Generate, send, and retrieve electronic messages

E.4.2 Make informed judgments about media and products.

  • Identify the intent or appeal behind products and messages promoted via media
  • Recognize basic propaganda techniques
  • Identify images and symbols central to particular messages

E.4.3 Create products appropriate to audience and purpose.

  • Write news articles appropriate for familiar media
  • Create simple advertising messages and graphics appropriate for familiar media
  • Prepare, perform, and tape simple radio and television scripts
  • Prepare and perform school announcements and program scripts

E.4.4 Demonstrate a working knowledge of media production and distribution.

  • Make distinctions between messages presented on radio, television, and in print
  • Recognize how messages are adjusted for different audiences
  • Identify sales approaches and techniques aimed at children

E.4.5 Analyze and edit media work as appropriate to audience and purpose.

  • Generate and edit media work as appropriate to audience and purpose, sequencing the presentation effectively and adding or deleting information as necessary to achieve desired effects
  • Provide feedback to (and receive it from) peers about the content, organization, and overall effect of media work

Content Standard E

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