English Language Arts, Standard E: Media & Technology Performance Standards - Grade 8

By the end of grade eight, students will:

E.8.1 Use computers to acquire, organize, analyze, and communicate information.

  • Demonstrate efficient word-processing skills
  • Construct and use simple databases
  • Use manuals and on-screen help in connection with computer applications
  • Perform basic computer operations on various platforms
  • Collect information from various on-line sources, such as web pages, news groups, and listservs

E.8.2 Make informed judgments about media and products.

  • Recognize common structural features found in print and broadcast advertising
  • Identify and explain the use of stereotypes and biases evident in various media
  • Compare the effect of particular symbols and images seen in various media
  • Develop criteria for selecting or avoiding specific broadcast programs and periodicals

E.8.3 Create media products appropriate to audience and purpose.

  • Write informational articles that target audiences of a variety of publications
  • Use desktop publishing to produce products such as brochures and newsletters designed for particular organizations and audiences
  • Create video and audiotapes designed for particular audiences

E.8.4 Demonstrate a working knowledge of media production and distribution.

  • Plan a promotion or campaign that involves broadcast and print media production and distribution
  • Analyze how messages may be affected by financial factors such as sponsorship
  • Identify advertising strategies and techniques aimed at teenagers

E.8.5 Analyze and edit media work as appropriate to audience and purpose.

  • Revise media productions by adding, deleting, and adjusting the sequence and arrangement of information, images, or other content as necessary to improve focus, clarity, or effect
  • Develop criteria for comprehensive feedback on the quality of media work and use it during production

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