English Language Arts Performance Standard F Grade 12

English Language Arts, Standard F: Research & Inquiry
Performance Standards - Grade 12

By the end of grade twelve, students will:

F.12.1 Conduct research and inquiry on self-selected or assigned topics, issues, or problems and use an appropriate form to communicate their findings.

  • Formulate questions addressing issues or problems that can be answered through a well defined and focused investigation
  • Use research tools found in school and college libraries, take notes, collect and classify sources, and develop strategies for finding and recording information
  • Conduct interviews, taking notes or recording and transcribing oral information, then summarizing the results
  • Develop research strategies appropriate to the investigation, considering methods such as questionnaires, experiments, and field studies
  • Organize research materials and data, maintaining a note-taking system that includes summary, paraphrase, and quoted material
  • Evaluate the usefulness and credibility of data and sources by applying tests of evidence, including bias, position, expertise, adequacy, validity, reliability, and date
  • Analyze, synthesize, and integrate data, drafting a reasoned report that supports and appropriately illustrates inferences and conclusions drawn from research
  • Present findings in oral and written reports, correctly citing sources

Content Standard F

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