ELA Sample Proficiency Standard

English Language Arts, Standard B. WRITING Sample Proficiency Standard - High School

Content Standard: Students in Wisconsin will write clearly and effectively to share information and knowledge, to influence and persuade, to create and entertain.

Performance Standards

  • Create or produce writing to communicate with different audiences for a variety of purposes.
  • Plan, revise, edit, and publish clear and effective writing.
  • Understand the function of various forms, structures, and punctuation marks of standard American English and use them appropriately in oral and written communications.

Sample Task as Presented to Students

We have spent time discussing the concept of heroism. In small group we have examined different views and have considered certain individuals or groups of persons as possible heroes. In addition, we have read several passages describing heroic acts, persons, or situations.You now have two class periods to write about heroism. You may choose from several different forms of writing, such as poem, narrative, character sketch, news report, or essay. Choose the one that will best allow you to express your understanding of heroism. This paper will NOT be scored according to what you believe or your choice of hero but on how well you write to deliver your message. Think of the members of your class as the audience. Your choice of form and content should be appropriate for the purpose of the writing, to express your understanding of heroism.

Content Standard B

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