Mathematics, Standard A: Mathematical Processes Performance Standards - Grade 4

By the end of grade four, students will:

A.4.1 Use reasoning abilities to

  • perceive patterns
  • identify relationships
  • formulate questions for further exploration
  • justify strategies
  • test reasonableness of results

A.4.2 Communicate mathematical ideas in a variety of ways, including words, numbers, symbols, pictures, charts, graphs, tables, diagrams, and models*

A.4.3 Connect mathematical learning with other subjects, personal experiences, current events, and personal interests

  • see relationships between various kinds of problems and actual events
  • use mathematics as a way to understand other areas of the curriculum (e.g., measurement in science, map skills in social studies)

A.4.4 Use appropriate mathematical vocabulary, symbols, and notation with understanding based on prior conceptual work

A.4.5 Explain solutions to problems clearly and logically in oral and written work and support solutions with evidence

*See Glossary.

Content Standard A

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