Mathematics Performance Standard A Grade 8

Mathematics, Standard A: Mathematical Processes
Performance Standards - Grade 8

By the end of grade eight, students will:

A.8.1 Use reasoning abilities to:

  • evaluate information
  • perceive patterns
  • identify relationships
  • formulate questions for further exploration
  • evaluate strategies
  • justify statements
  • test reasonableness of results
  • defend work

A.8.2 Communicate logical arguments clearly to show why a result makes sense

A.8.3 Analyze non-routine* problems by modeling*, illustrating, guessing, simplifying, generalizing, shifting to another point of view, etc.

A.8.4 Develop effective oral and written presentations that include

  • appropriate use of technology
  • the conventions of mathematical discourse (e.g., symbols, definitions, labeled drawings)
  • mathematical language
  • clear organization of ideas and procedures
  • understanding of purpose and audience

A.8.5 Explain mathematical concepts, procedures, and ideas to others who may not be familiar with them

A.8.6 Read and understand mathematical texts and other instructional materials and recognize mathematical ideas as they appear in other contexts

*See Glossary.

Content Standard A

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