Mathematics Performance Standard C Grade 8

Mathematics, Standard C: Geometry
Performance Standards - Grade 8

By the end of grade eight, students will:

C.8.1 Describe special and complex two- and three-dimensional figures (e.g., rhombus, polyhedron, cylinder) and their component parts (e.g., base, altitude, and slant height) by:

  • naming, defining, and giving examples
  • comparing, sorting, and classifying them
  • identifying and contrasting their properties (e.g., symmetrical*, isosceles, regular)
  • drawing and constructing physical models to specifications
  • explaining how these figures are related to objects in the environment

C.8.2 Identify and use relationships among the component parts of special and complex two- and three-dimensional figures (e.g., parallel sides, congruent* faces).

C.8.3 Identify three-dimensional shapes from two-dimensional perspectives and draw two-dimensional sketches of three-dimensional objects preserving their significant features

C.8.4 Perform transformations* on two-dimensional figures and describe and analyze the effects of the transformations on the figures

C.8.5 Locate objects using the rectangular coordinate system*

*See Glossary.

Content Standard C

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