Mathematics, Standard E: Statistics and Probability Performance Standards - Grade 4

By the end of grade four, students will:

E.4.1 Work with data in the context of real-world situations by

  • formulating questions that lead to data collection and analysis
  • determining what data to collect and when and how to collect them
  • collecting, organizing, and displaying data
  • drawing reasonable conclusions based on data

E.4.2 Describe a set of data using

  • high and low values, and range*
  • most frequent value (mode*)
  • middle value of a set of ordered data (median*)

E.4.3 In problem-solving situations, read, extract, and use information presented in graphs, tables, or charts

E.4.4 Determine if future events are more, less, or equally likely, impossible, or certain to occur

E.4.5 Predict outcomes of future events and test predictions using data from a variety of sources

*See Glossary.

Content Standard E

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