Mathematics Performance Standard F Grade 4

By the end of grade four, students will:

F.4.1 Use letters, boxes, or other symbols to stand for any number, measured quantity, or object in simple situations (e.g., N + 0 = N is true for any number)

F.4.2 Use the vocabulary, symbols, and notation of algebra accurately (e.g., correct use of the symbol "="; effective use of the associative property of multiplication)

F.4.3 Work with simple linear patterns and relationships in a variety of ways, including

  • recognizing and extending number patterns
  • describing them verbally
  • representing them with pictures, tables, charts, graphs
  • recognizing that different models* can represent the same pattern or relationship
  • using them to describe real-world phenomena

F.4.4 Recognize variability in simple functional* relationships by describing how a change in one quantity can produce a change in another (e.g., number of bicycles and the total number of wheels)

F.4.5 Use simple equations and inequalities in a variety of ways, including

  • using them to represent problem situations
  • solving them by different methods (e.g., use of manipulatives, guess and check strategies, recall of number facts)
  • recording and describing solution strategies

F.4.6 Recognize and use generalized properties and relationships of arithmetic (e.g., commutativity* of addition, inverse relationship of multiplication and division)

*See Glossary.

Content Standard F

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