Science, Standard A: Science Connections Performance Standards - Grade 12

By the end of grade twelve, students will:

A.12.1 Apply the underlying themes of science to develop defensible visions of the future

A.12.2 Show how conflicting assumptions about science themes lead to different opinions and decisions about evolution, health, population, longevity, education, and use of resources, and show how these opinions and decisions have diverse effects on an individual, a community, and a country, both now and in the future

A.12.3 Give examples that show how partial systems, models, and explanations are used to give quick and reasonable solutions that are accurate enough for basic needs

A.12.4 Construct arguments that show how conflicting models and explanations of events can start with similar evidence

A.12.5 Show how the ideas and themes of science can be used to make real-life decisions about careers, work places, life-styles, and use of resources

A.12.6 Identify and, using evidence learned or discovered, replace inaccurate personal models and explanations of science-related events

A.12.7 Re-examine the evidence and reasoning that led to conclusions drawn from investigations, using the science themes

Content Standard A

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