Science Performance Standard A Grade 8

Science, Standard A: Science Connections
Performance Standards - Grade 8

By the end of grade eight, students will:

A.8.1 Develop their understanding of the science themes by using the themes to frame questions about science-related issues and problems

A.8.2 Describe limitations of science systems and give reasons why specific science themes are included in or excluded from those systems

A.8.3 Defend explanations and models by collecting and organizing evidence that supports them and critique explanations and models by collecting and organizing evidence that conflicts with them

A.8.4 Collect evidence to show that models developed as explanations for events were (and are) based on the evidence available to scientists at the time

A.8.5 Show how models and explanations, based on systems, were changed as new evidence accumulated (the effects of constancy, evolution, change, and measurement should all be part of these explanations)

A.8.6 Use models and explanations to predict actions and events in the natural world

A.8.7 Design real or thought investigations to test the usefulness and limitations of a model

A.8.8. Use the themes of evolution, equilibrium, and energy to predict future events or changes in the natural world

Content Standard A

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