Science Inquiry Performance Standards C Grade 12

By the end of grade twelve, students will:

C.12.1 When studying science content, ask questions suggested by current social issues, scientific literature, and observations* of phenomena, build hypotheses that might answer some of these questions, design possible investigations*, and describe results that might emerge from such investigations

C.12.2 Identify* issues from an area of science study, write questions that could be investigated*, review previous research on these questions, and design and conduct responsible and safe investigations to help answer the questions

C.12.3 Evaluate* the data collected during an investigation*, critique the data-collection procedures and results, and suggest ways to make any needed improvements

C.12.4 During investigations*, choose the best data-collection procedures and materials available, use them competently, and calculate the degree of precision of the resulting data

C.12.5 Use the explanations* and models* found in the earth and space, life and environmental, and physical sciences to develop likely explanations* for the results of their investigations*

C.12.6 Present the results of investigations* to groups concerned with the issues, explaining* the meaning and implications of the results, and answering questions in terms the audience can understand

C.12.7 Evaluate* articles and reports in the popular press, in scientific journals, on television, and on the Internet, using criteria related to accuracy, degree of error, sampling, treatment of data, and other standards of experimental design

Content Standard C

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