Science Performance Standard C Grade 4

Science, Standard C: Science Inquiry
Performance Standards - Grade 4

By the end of grade four, students will:

C.4.1 Use the vocabulary of the unifying themes to ask questions about objects, organisms, and events being studied

C.4.2 Use the science content being learned to ask questions, plan investigations, make observations, make predictions, and offer explanations

C.4.3 Select multiple sources of information to help answer questions selected for classroom investigations

C.4.4 Use simple science equipment safely and effectively, including rulers, balances, graduated cylinders, hand lenses, thermometers, and computers, to collect data relevant to questions and investigations

C.4.5 Use data they have collected to develop explanations and answer questions generated by investigations

C.4.6 Communicate the results of their investigations in ways their audiences will understand by using charts, graphs, drawings, written descriptions, and various other means, to display their answers

C.4.7 Support their conclusions with logical arguments

C.4.8 Ask additional questions that might help focus or further an investigation

Content Standard C

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