Science, Standard C: Science Inquiry Performance Standards - Grade 8

By the end of grade eight, students will:

C.8.1 Identify* questions they can investigate* using resources and equipment they have available

C.8.2 Identify* data and locate sources of information including their own records to answer the questions being investigated

C.8.3 Design and safely conduct investigations* that provide reliable quantitative or qualitative data, as appropriate, to answer their questions

C.8.4 Use inferences* to help decide possible results of their investigations, use observations to check their inferences

C.8.5 Use accepted scientific knowledge, models*, and theories* to explain* their results and to raise further questions about their investigations*

C.8.6 State what they have learned from investigations*, relating their inferences* to scientific knowledge and to data they have collected

C.8.7 Explain* their data and conclusions in ways that allow an audience to understand the questions they selected for investigation* and the answers they have developed

C.8.8 Use computer software and other technologies to organize, process, and present their data

C.8.9 Evaluate*, explain*, and defend the validity of questions, hypotheses, and conclusions to their investigations*

C.8.10 Discuss the importance of their results and implications of their work with peers, teachers, and other adults

C.8.11 Raise further questions which still need to be answered

Content Standard C

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