Science Applications, Performance Standards G Grade 8

By the end of grade eight, students will:

G.8.1 Identify* and investigate* the skills people need for a career in science or technology and identify the academic courses that a person pursuing such a career would need

G.8.2 Explain* how current scientific and technological discoveries have an influence on the work people do and how some of these discoveries also lead to new careers

G.8.3 Illustrate* the impact that science and technology have had, both good and bad, on careers, systems, society, environment, and quality of life

G.8.4 Propose a design (or re-design) of an applied science model or a machine that will have an impact in the community or elsewhere in the world and show* how the design (or re-design) might work, including potential side-effects

G.8.5 Investigate* a specific local problem to which there has been a scientific or technological solution, including proposals for alternative courses of action, the choices that were made, reasons for the choices, any new problems created, and subsequent community satisfaction

G.8.6 Use current texts, encyclopedias, source books, computers, experts, the popular press, or other relevant sources to identify* examples of how scientific discoveries have resulted in new technology

G.8.7 Show* evidence* of how science and technology are interdependent, using some examples drawn from personally conducted investigations*

Content Standard G

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