Social Studies, Standard E: Behavioral Science Performance Standards - Grade 4

By the end of grade four, students will:

E.4.1 Explain the influence of prior knowledge, motivation, capabilities, personal interests, and other factors on individual learning

E.4.2 Explain the influence of factors such as family, neighborhood, personal interests, language, likes and dislikes, and accomplishments on individual identity and development

E.4.3 Describe how families are alike and different, comparing characteristics such as size, hobbies, celebrations, where families live, and how they make a living

E.4.4 Describe the ways in which ethnic cultures influence the daily lives of people

E.4.5 Identify and describe institutions such as school, church, police, and family and describe their contributions to the well being of the community, state, nation, and global society

E.4.6 Give examples of group and institutional influences such as laws, rules, and peer pressure on people, events, and culture

E.4.7 Explain the reasons why individuals respond in different ways to a particular event and the ways in which interactions among individuals influence behavior

E.4.8 Describe and distinguish among the values and beliefs of different groups and institutions

E.4.9 Explain how people learn about others who are different from themselves

E.4.10 Give examples and explain how the media may influence opinions, choices, and decisions.

E.4.11 Give examples and explain how language, stories, folk tales, music, and other artistic creations are expressions of culture and how they convey knowledge of other peoples and cultures

E.4.12 Give examples of important contributions made by Wisconsin citizens, United States citizens, and world citizens

E.4.13 Investigate and explain similarities and differences in ways that cultures meet human needs

E.4.14 Describe how differences in cultures may lead to understanding or misunderstanding among people

E.4.15 Describe instances of cooperation and interdependence among individuals, groups, and nations, such as helping others in famines and disasters

Content Standard E