Social Studies, Standard E: Behavioral Science Performance Standards - Grade 8

By the end of grade eight, students will:

E.8.1 Give examples to explain and illustrate the influence of prior knowledge, motivation, capabilities, personal interests, and other factors on individual learning

E.8.2 Give examples to explain and illustrate how factors such as family, gender, and socioeconomic status contribute to individual identity and development

E.8.3 Describe the ways in which local, regional, and ethnic cultures may influence the everyday lives of people

E.8.4 Describe and explain the means by which individuals, groups, and institutions may contribute to social continuity and change within a community

E.8.5 Describe and explain the means by which groups and institutions meet the needs of individuals and societies

E.8.6 Describe and explain the influence of status, ethnic origin, race, gender, and age on the interactions of individuals

E.8.7 Identify and explain examples of bias, prejudice, and stereotyping, and how they contribute to conflict in a society

E.8.8 Give examples to show how the media may influence the behavior and decision-making of individuals and groups

E.8.9 Give examples of the cultural contributions of racial and ethnic groups in Wisconsin, the United States, and the world

E.8.10 Explain how language, art, music, beliefs, and other components of culture can further global understanding or cause misunderstanding

E.8.11 Explain how beliefs and practices, such as ownership of property or status at birth, may lead to conflict among people of different regions or cultures and give examples of such conflicts that have and have not been resolved

E.8.12 Describe conflict resolution and peer mediation strategies used in resolving differences and disputes

E.8.13 Select examples of artistic expressions from several different cultures for the purpose of comparing and contrasting the beliefs expressed

E.8.14 Describe cooperation and interdependence among individuals, groups, and nations, such as helping others in times of crisis

Content Standard E