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General Education Information

dpi-connected - DPI-ConnectEd, e-newsletter from the State Superintendent, featuring issues, opportunities, and success stories
wipk-12 - Discussion group for PK-12 educators in Wisconsin


Career and Technical Education

businessed - Discussion group for Wisconsin business and information technology teachers
ctelist - Discussion Group for those interested in Career and Technical Education initiatives
hosahealthsc - Discussion group for health science teachers and HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) advisors
fcefccla - Discussion group for family and consumer educators and FCCLA (Family Career and Community Leaders of America)
marketing - Discussion group for secondary and post secondary level marketing educators
wiagedffa - Discussion group for Agriculture Educators
wteadistrictg - This list is for WTEA District G Technology and Engineering teachers.


Content Areas (Besides Those Listed Elsewhere)

dpi-sl - Discussion group for educators interested in service-learning in the academic setting
englishk16 - Informational discussion forum for English teachers
socialstudies - Discussion list for social studies teachers and administrators in Wisconsin
wi-aislist - Wisconsin American Indian studies discussion list
wiartsed - News for Wisconsin Arts Educators
wgcp-stem - Discussion list of the Wisconsin Girls Collaborative Project - STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)


Data and Financial Management

dpifinance - E-mail list from the DPI School Financial Services team
idea_fiscal - Tips, reminders, and specialty information regarding IDEA Fiscal Management
schoolperf - School performance discussion group
sfs_auditors - Updates of interest to school district auditors


Diversity and Equity

elllist - Discussion group for educators and others interested in service to English Language Learners
eqleaders - Discussion group for state equity leaders
excellence-for-all - Updates related to the Promoting Excellence for All website to close achievement gaps in Wisconsin schools (
titleone - Discussion list about Title I topics, for school district administrators, teachers, DPI staff, and Title I Coordinators


Early Childhood

forces44 - Wisconsin Forces for Four Year Olds discussion group
weccp - Wisconsin Early Childhood Collaborating Partners discussion group
weccp-region-n - Wisconsin Early Childhood Collaborating Partners - Northern Region discussion group
weccpregion-ne - Wisconsin Early Childhood Collaborating Partners - Northeastern Region discussion group
wi-csefel - Technical assistance for Center for the Social Emotional Foundations of Early Learning trainers
wi-eco-support - Birth to 3 resource and early childhood special education program discussion group
wi-ecse - Wisconsin Early Childhood Special Education discussion group
wi-esfl-network - Wisconsin Even Start Family Literacy news, announcements, and information


Health, Wellness, Student Services

ghs – Discussion group for the Green and Healthy Schools program
ghslessons – Discussion group for Green and Healthy Schools curricula resources
leadhealthteachers - Information for designated lead health teachers
physicaleducationteachers - Information about physical education
school_psych - Discussion group about current issues in school psychology
schoolnurse - Information for school and public health nurses
wcscp - Information for school counselors

International Education/World Languages

arabiclist - Information for Arabic language educators
asllist - Information for American Sign Language educators
chineselist - Information for Chinese language educators
earlylanguagelist - Information for elementary world language educators
frenchlist - Information for French language educators
germanlist - Information for German language educators
heritagelanguagelist - Information for heritage language educators and stakeholders
italianlist - Information for Italian language educators
japaneselist - Information for Japanese language educators
languageleaderlist - Information for world language educators
latinlist - Information for Latin educators
spanishlist - Information for Spanish language educators



channelwkly - Channel Weekly, the online newsletter from the Division of Libraries, Technology, and Community Learning
illwiscatlist - An unmoderated discussion list of topics related to the WISCAT ILL project
wierate - Discussion list for Wisconsin E-rate topics
wispublib - A discussion list for Wisconsin public libraries


Technology (Assistive, Educational, IT)

badgerlinklist - Moderated discussion list of topics related to BadgerLink



actwisconsin - Information about ACT High School Assessments in Wisconsin
acplist - Information related to academic and career planning
dpi-21st - Information related to community learning centers and afterschool programs
fscpartnerships - Wisconsin E-Brief for Partnership Schools, newsletter to strengthen family-school-community collaboration
middleschool - Discussion list for Middle School educators
sageinfo - Discussion list relating to the Student Achievement Guarantee in Education (SAGE) program
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