WISCAT Promotional Materials

Create a Link to WISCAT Services

Those wishing to provide a link to the WISCAT catalog from a local organization site or personal webpage may do so. If possible, the Division encourages libraries to use one of the logo graphics below. If you are familiar with HTML, you may copy one of the images below to your local webserver and create your own link. If you would prefer to link to the image stored on the WISCAT server, please use the exact syntax provided below each of the following images.

Note that these links will provide guest access to the search-only WISCAT. A WISCAT annual license is required if your library wants patrons or staff to link to a specific WISCAT implementation related to your local library login. Contact WISCAT staff using the email link at the bottom of this page for more information on creating a customized link to WISCAT.

WISCAT Logos and Link information

You are welcome to use either of the two WISCAT logos provided below. Move your mouse cursor over the graphic, right-click and choose the Save Picture / Image As... option. Make sure to note which directory you store the file!

To associate a link with a logo, use the information provided below.    Note: based on the location of your graphic, you may have to modify the img src portion of your link to accurately reflect the proper path for your website.

WISCAT Logo #1 use <a title="Search WISCAT" href="http://www.wiscat.net"><img src="WISCAT-logo1.jpg" alt="WISCAT Logo (Common)" height="32" width="140" border="0"></a>

WISCAT Logo #2 use <a title="Search WISCAT" href="http://www.wiscat.net"><img src="WISCAT-logo2.jpg" alt="WISCAT Logo (Common)" height="43" width="140" border="0"></a>

For questions about this information, contact Vickie Long (608) 224-5394