Professional Development Plan (PDP)

Teachers, administrators, and pupil service professionals who completed an educator preparation program on or after September 1, 2004, renew under the PI 34 rules and renew their licenses by completing a verified Professional Development Plan (PDP).  The Professional Development Plan (PDP) is a process for the renewal of an educator’s license based on planned professional growth and evidence of the impact of that growth on student learning. 

A documented completion of a PDP as verified by a PDP review team of three members is required in order to renew a Professional Educator license or advance from an Initial Educator to a Professional Educator license. The PDP Verification must be submitted through an electronic PDP service provider and received by the DPI as part of license application processing requirement.

You may contact the following electronic PDP service providers to create and work on your PDP electronically. You must submit your PDP Verification to the DPI upon completion of your PDP through these electronic service providers:

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As of September 1, 2012, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction will no longer accept paper versions of form PI-PDP-2 (PDP Verification Signature Form). Please contact one of the electronic PDP service providers below to facilitate electronic submission of your PDP verification. Regardless of whether you have completed your PDP on paper form, you are required to submit your verification form utilizing one of the service providers. They, in turn, will electronically submit your information to DPI.

If you have completed your PDP and have had your plan verified by your three-person PDP team, there is no cost associated with having one of the service providers submit your verification information to our office.

Please remember that initial educators are still required to have his/her goals approved by their PDP team. The PDP service providers below can facilitate the goal approval process for you. You are no longer required to submit copies of your goal approval signature forms to DPI. However, if you are doing your PDP on paper, you must retain your goal approval signature form and the forms must be made available to your PDP team at the time of PDP verification.

Optional Services Available

Both PDP service providers below can assist you in developing an electronic PDP. However, creating an electronic PDP is not required by DPI at this time; only PDP verification is required to be electronic. We encourage you to review their services and choose the one that best suits your needs. Whether you are just starting the PDP process or you are ready to submit your plan for verification, these organizations can support you.