WISCAT Cataloging

WISCAT Help and Documentation

The current edition of WISCAT is a web-based hybrid of a union catalog and a virtual Z39.50 catalog that provides the ability to search multiple library catalogs at the same time.

Libraries participating in resource sharing using WISCAT can create and submit interlibrary loan requests for items found searching WISCAT.  Subscribing libraries can download MARC records for use in their local online catalogs. 

Cataloging Documentation

Maintain library holdings information on WISCAT Union Catalog bibliographic records


     Copy a record into the WISCAT Union Catalog from another library catalog searchable in WISCAT


Downloading MARC Records

     Create a download list and add MARC records to downloan as a .mrc file for upload into a local catalog
Suggestions on selecting MARC records for download and managing the files

Union Catalog Holdings Update Methods

     Chart presents ways a library's holdings in the WISCAT Union Catalog can be updated 
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