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Score Fluctuations

Report Card Score Fluctuations

Many of the 2016-17 school and district report card scores have fluctuated since last year. These fluctuations appear in both Overall Scores and particularly in the Growth priority area scores between the 2015-16 and 2016-17 report card years.

Because score fluctuations are large, and more widespread than would be expected, a cautious approach to report card interpretation is needed. Larger than expected year-to-year score fluctuations are considered outliers and noted by ^ when a school or district has a 10-point or greater change (up or down) in both their Overall Score and Growth Score. As such, please use caution when reviewing report cards that have ^ symbol next to their rating as it is unclear whether the change in scores is due to an actual change in school/district performance, or a symptom of statistical volatility.

For more information on the score fluctuations, please see:

DPI strives for a valid, reliable, and fair accountability system and is working to produce the most accurate report cards possible. Stabilizing accountability scoring and investing in the integrity of the accountability system is a top priority, but any modifications to these metrics require legislative action. To that end, DPI is engaging state policymakers, technical experts and stakeholders about how best to address these issues.

DPI also strive for transparency and stakeholder engagement to increase understanding of the state accountability system. To that end, working with schools and districts to understand their report card scores remains our first priority. Please contact us with any questions:


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