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Careers and Communications: A Stepping Stone for ACP

ROOM: Ballroom A

Process Delivery and Infrastructure

Sarah Rowse-Borrelli, ELA and Reading Teacher, New Berlin SD; Diane Hudaj, Communications/ELA Teacher, New Berlin SD

Many districts are just beginning their ACP implementation. In the School District of New Berlin, one of the early steps in our ACP implementation was the creation of the Grade 7 Careers and Communications (C2) course during the 2013-14 school year. The C2 course provides a solid foundation for Academic and Career Planning. This course has allowed us to build out a scope and sequence to support students transitioning from elementary to middle school. It was a key implementation lever in ensuring that all students in grades 6-12 had access to Academic and Career Planning services by 2017-18. This session will review the learning objectives, scope and sequence, and resources leveraged in the class. Specific results gathered through assessments, disposition development, and student reflections will also be discussed.