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Career Planning in Today’s Labor Market

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Comparing Careers/Postsecondary Options

John Pritchett, Career Development Services Coordinator, Waukesha County Technical College

Though career choices should never be based solely on current Labor Market Information (LMI), accurate information about occupational opportunities is one of the essential ingredients of sound career decision making. Teachers and counselors both play an influential role in helping youth gather, analyze, and use LMI as they explore career options. Elementary school students need it to develop an understanding of the world of work and the relationship between personal attributes and interests and career choice. Secondary students need it to make informed choices about their post high school education and training options. The need for this information is lifelong, as the workplace they will be entering undergoes constant change. In this workshop a variety of LMI sources will be explored that provide occupational projections, wage and salary information and the education and training needed in workplace today and in the future.