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Celebrating the Benefits of Attending a Small School: ACP Implementation in a Rural District

ROOM: Hall of Ideas GJ

Planning and Implemenation

Amanda Langrehr, Business Education Teacher, Westby Area SD; Christy Tainter, High School Counselor, Westby Area SD

Our session will explore how to use ACP to prepare students who are college, career and life ready with the resources and restrictions of a rural school district. In the session, we will explain our own process in planning and implementing an ACP that celebrates the benefits of attending a small school and how even with limited resources, students can be afforded the same ACP opportunity as larger districts. We will also show how to promote learning beyond the classroom by embracing what is going on within the existing community. Essentially, we pose the question “What industries are developing right in your own backyards and how can you bring them into the classroom?” Finally, we will explain how to plan an ACP to reflect your culture, not to be something completely new in our ever-changing education environment. Rural districts especially are asked to do more with less, and we explain ways to incorporate the ACP process into what is already being done!