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Creating an ACP Culture Mishicot

ROOM: Ballroom C

Planning and Implementation

Marcia Waldron-Kuhn, Academic Advisor, Mishicot SD; Sara Greenwood, School Counselor, Mishicot SD

Learn how our staff implements Academic and Career Planning through a “By All For All” model during an Advisement period during which all students in grades 6-12 create an ACP portfolio. Our district has been implementing our ACP model since 2009 and will be sharing data to show its effectiveness. Academic and Career Planning has become the foundation of our school culture. Through the development of our ACP program we have implemented several opportunities for our students such as: staff to student mentoring relationships, cum laude system, dual credit options, job shadows and mock interviews, college and industry tours as well as group presentations by business partners. While each component of our ACP program is important, collectively it has led to the buy in and support of all our stakeholders.