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Teaching Financial Literacy Through Blended Learning

ROOM: Hall of Ideas EF

Financial Literacy

Jim Sanherr, Wisconsin Schools Manager, EverFi; Lincoln Hughes, Director K12 Programs, Everfi

On the pathway to college and career readiness, it is critically important that students develop the skills necessary to be financially responsible. During this session, we will discuss strategies for integrating three web-based, financial literacy resources at the elementary school, middle school, and high school level. At all levels, the EverFi Platform provides teachers and students with engaging, online resources that uses video, animations, and interactive activities and games to bring complex financial concepts to life at no cost. Additionally, EverFi tracks individual student progress and knowledge gain and provides students who successfully complete the program with certification in financial literacy. For the high school program in particular, these certificates can be a powerful tool for job, college and internship applications. During this session, we will also share specific examples of how school districts across Wisconsin and the country are implementing these programs to make a huge impact on their students. Lastly, we will provide teachers time to register, explore the resources, and ask any additional questions.