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Pathways WI: College and Career Readiness for All

ROOM: Conference Rooms MNQR

Planning and Implementation

Kristin Long, Regional Director Pathways WI-Madison; Dan Miller, Regional Director Pathways WI-Indianhead; Karin Smith, Regional Director Pathways WI-Milwaukee; Jennifer Wagner, Regional Director Pathways WI-Moraine Park

Attend this session to learn how other states are creating pathway systems that support academic and career planning for K12 students. You'll also meet Wisconsin's new regional pathways directors and learn more about the pilot that is being launched in 4 regions: Indianhead, Moraine Park, Milwaukee and Madison. The directors will be working collaboratively in their regions with K-12, post-secondary, and employer partners to create statewide pathways that increase and expand opportunities for students to become college and career ready. This session will provide an opportunity for you to share critical input that will help shape how pathways will be implemented in the pilot regions and, eventually, all of Wisconsin.