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ACP Team Time: Planning and Preparing for ACP

ROOM: Hall of Ideas E-J

Dr. V. Scott Solberg, Associate Dean of Research, Boston University; Facilitators: Gregg Curtis, School Counseling Consultant, DPI; Kevin Miller, Dual Enrollment Consultant, DPI; Sara Baird, Assistant Director CTE, DPI; Sharon Wendt, Director CTE, DPI; Nara Nayar, Consultant, Midwest Comprehensive Center; Robin Worth, Researcher, Wisconsin Center for Education Research; Grant Sim, Researcher, Wisconsin Center for Education Research

This workshop is specifically for school district team staff not attending the other workshops. The focus will be on facilitating the teams to consider the elements required to build the infrastructure to support ACP implementation. Led by renowned Individualized Learning Plans (ILP) researcher, Dr. Scott Solberg, time will be split into three sections beginning with a brief overview followed by facilitated time for teams to plan for Gaining Whole School Buy-in, Curricular Scope & Sequence, and Implementation using national research and DPI tools.