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ACP, the PTP, & WIOA: What do all these letters mean for students, family members, and educators

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ACP in the Classroom

Brenda Swoboda, Transition Coordinator & Special Education Teacher, Holmen High School; Kathy Tuttle, Transition Improvement Grant (TIG), CESA 8, 9, &12; Nancy Farnon-Molfenter, Educational Consultant and TIG Director, DPI.

Academic and Career Planning supports best practices in transition planning for students with and without Individual Education Programs (IEPs). During this session, you will learn about ideas that are working to help get students with disabilities, along with their families and teachers, thinking about future aspirations and employment. Through positive practice examples, connections between ACP and the Postsecondary Transition Planning (PTP) process will be highlighted. In addition, a brief overview of the importance of ACP in light of new federal requirements under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).




ACP Connections to other programs 

Transition Services 

IEP/PTP Legal Requirements