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Career Cruising ACP Software: Beyond the Basics

ROOM: Ballroom AD

Steve Yaun, Senior Educational Sales Consultant, Career Cruising; Angelina Early, Client Success Manager, Career Cruising

The first half of this session will go beyond the basics of the career and education research and exploration tools in Career Cruising to delve deeper in the components that comprise the complete academic and career plan portfolio tool; managing uploading of artifacts and links by students and educators to the students’ ACP portfolios; aligning the recommended ACP portfolio completion standards to the districts’ ACP implementation plan; deeper training on the tools in the Career Advisor Management System (CAMS) including the parent portal functionality, transferring a student’s existing Career Cruising ACP account from another school district, managing program settings by grade level, using the college application tracker dashboard in CAMS and more. The second half of the session will be devoted to implementation practices and small group discussion, including subgroups divided by middle and high school teams. Bring your laptops and CAMS access credentials with you for hands on/interactive participation.