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Creating Pathways with TC Credit and K-12 Collaborations

ROOM: Ballroom C

ACP Leadership

Sarah Dillon, Dean of Enrollment, Northcentral Technical College; Tracy Ravn, Director of K12 Pathways, Northcentral Technical College; Yang Yee Lor, Academy Specialist, Northcentral Technical College

Through a variety of strategic efforts, Northcentral Technical College (NTC) has implemented strategies to increase awareness of Career Pathways for our K-12 stakeholders (students and parents, counselors, high school faculty, and administrators). Join us as we share best practices and lessons learned through collaborations with our K-12 partners to enhance career pathways opportunities for high school students and help those students transition seamlessly to college. Initial data shows that K-12 activities and outreach has increased direct enrollment to the college and awareness of pathways.