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Insight: An Experience in Enterprise Education

ROOM: Ballroom D

ACP in the Classroom

Danielle Bosanec, Assistant Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Pewaukee School District; JJ Heesch, Insight Director, Pewaukee School District; Adriana Plach, Academic & Career Coordinator, Pewaukee School District

“Insight is unparalleled in the state of Wisconsin.” ~ Dr. Tony Evers

Pewaukee School District’s innovative program, Insight, was developed to provide authentic academic and career planning. Designed to give students hands-on, real-world experiences while immersed in a professional setting, students engage in rigorous curriculum while learning valuable skills for high-demand careers such as engineering, global business, teaching, entrepreneurship, and more. Industry partners provide project work and experiences for students and mentoring by professionals in career of interest has led to the program tripling in size in one year. Data and testimonials of students, families, staff, and community members support its impact on the next generation workforce. Participants in this session will learn the process of developing a program like Insight including infrastructure, curriculum, and building business partnerships. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to explore options within their organization to enhance community collaboration and the entrepreneurial spirit in students.