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Middle School ACPs and ILPs-On the Go-Things to know!

ROOM: Hall of Ideas I

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Rob Ocker, School Counselor, Lake Geneva Middle School; Julie Milligan, School Counselor, Lake Geneva Middle School

Educators are recently on the “Go with ACP”! Why re-invent the ACP wheel of success? Rob Ocker and Julie Milligan, School Counselors for Lake Geneva Middle School, with over 40 combined years of experience, will share what has worked for their middle school and community. They have been working with middle School staff, families, and students on the ACP process for the past couple of years. Participants will learn how to best use Career Cruising at the middle school level. They will discuss how ACP information and the ACP parent conference can help educators, parents, and students prepare for the transition to high school. Come learn how to use these resources to get ALL staff in the “KNOW” of the ACP Delivery Process and be ready to “GO” for students, staff and communities with ACP in the Middle School and Beyond!



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