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Personalized Pathways: ACP As A Foundation For High School Transformation

ROOM: Ballroom A

Administrative Leadership

Julia Steege-Reimann, Academic and Career Planning Coordinator, Madison Metropolitan School District; Erica Kruger, Lead School Counselor, Madison Metropolitan School District

We will tell the story of our district’s journey of high school transformation, with Academic and Career Planning as a foundational and integrated part of that transformation. As part of our session we will talk about the following:

  • The process we took to develop our Graduate Vision, Guiding Principles, and our vision for a Personalized Pathways Model
  • The essential role ACP plays in our Personalized Pathways Model
  • What we are learning about how to integrate ACP with Social-Emotional Learning, classroom instructional practice, and instructional technology
  • What we are learning from implementing Academic and Career Planning district-wide in grade 7-10 thus far.

Our session will take a lens towards the moves we made related to develop staff, student, community, and central office ownership over high school transformation, what we will do next, and what we would do differently next time.