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Programs of Study, Career Pathways-Choosing the Framework that is Best for a Student's ACP

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ACP in the Classroom

Kelli Kwiatkowski, Director of Secondary Teaching & Learning, School District of New Berlin; Laura Schmidt, Strategic Advisor, School District of New Berlin; Bill Trudell, Technical Education Teacher/Content Coach, New Berlin West Middle/High School; Herman Restrepo, Science Teacher, New Berlin Eisenhower Middle/High School; Brandon Kostloni, Director of Technology, School District of New Berlin

What does it mean to have a program of study infrastructure that helps prepare students for post-secondary through Academic and Career Planning? Who should be involved identifying areas for improvement in one program study? What components, such as Work Based Learning, Post-Secondary Connections, Industry Credentials, Field Exploration Experiences, and Student Organizations could be included in a Program of Study? This session will focus on the School District of New Berlin’s journey towards developing meaningful programs of study for students.




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