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District Implementation

Academic and Career Planning (ACP) should be implemented in conjunction with other school and district continuous improvement efforts. ACP can act as an organizer to bring cohesion to multiple initiatives by incorporating data and focusing efforts to personalize education for each student. Districts and schools will need to have an appropriate infrastructure in place to support effective implementation of ACP. 

Implementation Tools 

ACP Guide 

Developed to help leadership teams with the basic information needed to get started with ACP implementation 

ACP Planning Template

Use the following template resource to prepare and plan for ACP Implementation in your school district 

The Table of ACP Components provides a visual of the types of ACP services that could be provided to students.

ACP Components Rubric

The Components Rubric can be used by districts to determine their current level of implementation: Initiating, Implementing, or Institutionalized

ACP Infrastructure Rubric 

The Infrastructure Rubric can be used to help districts assess current ACP components and gauge level of preparation needed to support effective ACP implementation

Setting SMART Goals

Good goals help educators, schools, and districts improve. The S.M.A.R.T. goals framework is a useful tool that individuals and teams can use to create effective goals and action plans

Roles and Responsibilities Template 

A chart to help clarify the roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders

Quality Individualized Learning Plans: ILP How to Guide 2.0

National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability (NCWD) for Youth- Section II: Strategies for Gaining Whole-School Buy-in

Active Implementation Hub (National Implementation Research Network) 

National Implementation Research Networks- A set of quick start videos and guides, learning materials and tools developed to help you and your team get started with Active Implementation 

Implementation Supports 

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The following contacts are designated by DPI to lead local collaboration on assistance for ACP Implementation, including connections to other educational and collaborative programming. Depending on each districts need, we encourage you to reach out to these ACP partners for further implementation support. 

For questions about this information, contact Gregg Curtis (608) 266-2820